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Lea Feghali

The Day I Learned How to Use the Potty

The Day I Learned How to Use the Potty

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The Day I Learned How to Use the Potty is the perfect book to accompany your children as they learn to potty train! Join Alex and Lea as they walk through the ins and outs of potty training, learning the best practices that lead to a successful transition! Your children will be excited to ditch their diapers and jump on the nearest potty by the end of the book, and you will have learned many helpful tips to support their learning along the way. Dr. Lea Feghali pulls from her background as a Pediatric Pelvic Floor Therapist to guide children and parents through their potty training journey. She hopes her insight will encourage healthy toilet habits, which ultimately help to prevent constipation and incontinence later on.

About the Story Books

A beautifully illustrated and educational children's book that teaches young children how to properly use the restroom. The book guides children through the process step-by-step, from sitting properly to finishing up. Join Alex and Lea on their potty training adventure and ignite your child's imagination!

This storybook is a perfect companion to the Activity Book. (Lea is for girls and Alex for Boys)

About the Activity Book

This educational and colorful Activity Book goes hand in hand with the storybooks.
It includes engaging activities and fun exercises that teach children about their anatomy, why and how to properly use the restroom, and guide them through the pre-training
and potty training phases.

The book features Alex and Lea, the main characters in this series, who will help your child learn how to listen to their body signals and develop good toilet habits.

Bonus materials:

  • A potty training achievement chart

  • A certificate of achievement

  • Anatomy and coloring activities

  • Over 16 Yoga and Potty Sequence flashcards

  • Over 500 fun stickers! (Including pee, poop, vegetable, water, and fruit emojis that will help your child understand what went in and out of their body!)

About Dr. Lea

Dr. Lea Feghali is a Lebanese mother, pelvic floor specialist, author, and speaker with advanced coursework and training in Women's Health and Pediatric Pelvic Health.

As someone from a conservative Middle Eastern country, she understands how taboo and inaccessible pelvic health can be, especially after closing her pelvic health practice to move to the United States in 2017. She has firsthand experience with vaginismus, miscarriage and infertility, childbirth, and postpartum as both a patient and practitioner.

To help those without access to pelvic floor therapy, especially in the Middle East, she created online programs for Mind, Body, and Pelvic Wellness. Her aim is to help people feel less alone on their healing journey and prevent pelvic floor dysfunction by raising awareness and knowledge, regardless of their stage in life. The workshops are available in Arabic and English, allowing participants to create a community, self-assess, listen to their bodies, and build a strong mind-body connection and pelvic floor foundation from the comfort of their own homes.

Dr. Lea is committed to helping children and adults prevent and achieve pelvic wellness.

Nobody should have to suffer from pelvic pain, incontinence, or pelvic floor dysfunction.

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