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Developed by parents. Approved by babies!

Herobility walks you through parenting, supporting you and your child on the way. To us, babies and their parents are heroic. Facing new challenges and developing new skills on a daily basis. All products from Herobility are developed by parents and based on real-life experiences and struggles. Designed to give you a little extra superpower in your everyday life. Giving you a little extra Herobility.

Herobility is all about the next generation. Not just when it comes to creating products that babies and children love. But also, when it comes to taking responsibility for our planet. We try to find new ways, new materials and new solutions that make the more sustainable choice the easiest choice in the world. Part of our profit will always be invested in projects and charity organizations that fight for children and help take care of our planet. Herobility believes that everyone can, and should, do something to try to make the world a better place. We support organisations like World Childhood Foundation and Trees for the Future.

The Eco-line from Herobility is a range of eco-friendly products. The products are made with plant-based material, a bioplastic, or PLA, made from corn starch. As the plants grow, they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, reducing our carbon footprint.

“When I was about to become a father for the third time, it really struck me that there hadn’t been a lot of improvements when it came to baby bottles. I started to imagine the best baby bottle possible and soon realized there was nothing like it on the market. With my dear daughter Alva on the way I started developing and designing, and in time our Baby Bottle was born. Alva loved it. Other babies loved it. And so did their parents. It quickly became a favorite among parents.”

– Mikael Bergstrom, CEO and Founder.

In addition to the perfect baby bottle, we launched several other innovative baby products, along with the Herobility brand, in February 2017. Thanks to over a decade’s worth of experience working with high-quality gym shakers through Smartshake, we’ve gotten off to a great start. Today you can find Herobility in more than 20 countries through our dedicated partners.

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