Spinning Top
Spinning Top

Spinning Top

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The spinning top or toupie is a classical toy that is considered one of oldest games.
It throws a challenge for all ages, and entertain everybody in an interactive way.
Children will enjoy a new challenge and get introduced to a must have toy.  

Beech wooden hand crafted and painted in fun vibrant colors; it also comes in a small carton box.
It can be a great return gift for your guests in birthdays, Christmas or any other event.
Colors available: Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Dark Pink & Purple.

Skills Development
Fine motor skills development, it improves concentration and stimulates curiosity. While it can also be a stress relief to some.
It can be a great toy in interacting and bonding with the whole family while playing.  

One fun challenge when playing with another partner, is to time each top spinning duration versus the other.

Some Fun facts about it, there is an international top spinning day which is the 2nd of October that celebrates the fun and joy this toy brings.

Please allow 1 week for delivery.