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Moveable Alphabet Box

Moveable Alphabet Box

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Learning the alphabets is an exciting and motivating phase in any young children’s life.

The Montessori inspired Moveable Alphabet is a teaching tool to prepare children for writing, reading, and spelling. And helping the child in building words and blending the sound to form words with graphic symbols. Children can use it in creating words at a first stage and later full phrases.

It is a versatile Montessori inspired material as it has so many possible ways to be used and is considered to be the most diverse material in the Montessori curriculum. It is a great learning toy for your home, homeschool, classroom, playroom, or Montessori shelf.

Skills Development
Recognizing and identifying letters, developing spelling skills, analyzing sounds in words, building words and preparing for reading, learning order, developing concentration/ coordination / independence / self-esteem and practicing patience.

How to use it
There are 3 ways to play & learn (from easy to more challenging)

1-    Recognizing the letters
Invite the child and show them the moveable alphabet box.
Ask the child to bring out all the letters he knows, while always asking them what is the letter to make sure he knows these letters.    
Then ask the child to put back the letters within their piles. One way to do it is: “I am going to put back the ‘d’, which letter are you going to put back?”
This exercise will ensure that the child is comfortably navigating the material and can create a sensory memory of what the alphabets look like.

Another way to do it is recognizing and identifying the letters and matching them with the sandpaper letters, a prerequisite in the Montessori curriculum, or any other letter the child might already have.

2-    Building words
Using phonetic image cards (not sold with this box)
Identify the image on the card. Then ask the first sound that they hear in this word.
For example, if the image is ‘dog’, what is the first sound that comes out, it is the ‘d’. The child should locate the ‘d’ within the box and place it in front of them.
The same should be repeated for the rest of the word, emphasizing each time on the letter in question.

3-    Building Phrases
Once the child can completely build words and using the same technique, they can move to build more than one word and start building full phrases.
TIP: Make sure to remind the child to leave two fingers at the end of each word to create spacing between two words.

Ideal for children of 3.5 years onwards. It can grow with your child.

Materials & Characteristics
It consists of a wooden box with 26 compartments, each for a letter; and all in lowercase. For the vowel (in green) there are 4 pieces and the consonant (in blue) they are 3 pieces each. Stored in alphabetical order.
Size of wooden stand: …
Size of wooden moveable alphabets: …
Wooden box and moveable alphabets made from high-quality wood coated with non-toxic paint. This toy is made to be durable and long-lasting with smooth edges and corners.

This box is a teaching material so parents’ supervision is advised.
Small objects can be considered a choking hazard for smaller children.

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