Montessori Shelving
Montessori Shelving
Montessori Shelving

Montessori Shelving

Wood Wonders
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These montessori like shelves will allow your child to focus better on the activities since there is a limited number of toys displayed and reachable for them. This way the child will be able to focus and master the activities in front of him.

It is recommended to have between 8 to 10 toys displayed at a time.

These shelvings are at child’s level allowing them to be independent to select and return back their toys and accessories.

Try to rotate the activities or toys every other week. This way the child will be able to discover new toys while having enough time to focus and master them. Unless the child is particularly interested in a toy, which in this case could remain displayed for a longer period.
We can customize and adapt the shelves quantity and height depending on the age of the child.

The way we displayed the toys in this post is not a typical Montessori way - they are only displayed to show Wood Wonders toys collection.

Materials & Characteristics:
-    Divided into 8 Compartments
-    Dimensions H:83cm, L:158cm, W:36cm
-    Customizable to fit your child space
-    Oil based paint

Please allow 1 week for delivery.