Linen Canopy - Grey
Linen Canopy - Grey
Linen Canopy - Grey

Linen Canopy - Grey

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Canopy is an amazing kid's room decoration. It will certainly give your child many hours of great fun by taking him into a magical world full of adventures and beautiful stories. You kid will love it! Bed canopy is made of 100% natural linen, it has antibacterial and antyallergenic properties, making it perfect for children. Thanks to canopy you can create a unigue place for rest and play. It will enrich every interior.

* The canopy looks beautiful above the bed or separately with soft play mat.
* Perfect to make you baby room cosy and darkened for easy sleep.
* Place to play - just use your imagination - it can be Indian teepee, princess castle or reading nook.
* It can be hung from the ceiling or on the wall with help of wall bracket.
* It's perfect baby shower, birthday and Christmas gift.
* You can use it for a baby or family photoshoot.

100% softened natural linen

Total canopy height: 114" (290 cm)
Canopy height: 95" (240 cm) ---> 79" (200 cm) of curtain height + 16" (40 cm) of cone
Hanging ribbon: 20" (50 cm) to hang canopy on height you like to
Diameter: 19.7" (50 cm)

In side of the canopy there are also ribbons so you can hang a mobile or other decoration.

- linen canopy
- metal rim (hoop)
- bag to store it

HOW TO CARE: the canopy can be easily removed for washing.
- wash in 104 degrees F (40 degrees C),
- gentle program,
- do not bleach,
- iron up to 392 degrees F (200 degrees C).

The canopy is packed in a bag so you can easily store it after removing it.

- It’s a natural fabric, has antibacterical and hipoallergenic properties, which is why it is perfect from the first days of a child’s life
- It has high air permeability and heat transfer properties, making it suitable both in summer and winter
- Linen is a noble eco fabric, very durable, which will survive years of use
- Our linen is softened, delicate for the skin
- It impresses with its simple and timeless design