Cloud Floor Mat
Cloud Floor Mat
Cloud Floor Mat
Cloud Floor Mat

Cloud Floor Mat

Wood Wonders
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Game Mat, baby activity mat, Reading Corner Mat … and so much more.

This Mat is so versatile thanks to its modifiable shape that fits the need of the child as she/he grows from baby sleeping on the back, to toddler in a sitting position against the wall or in a corner, or a bigger child laying on his front reading a book.

Tips on how to use it:
-    Under the teepee tent
-    A bed side rug
-    A carpet where the child can play on
-    Place it in the corner creating a backseat perfect for reading thanks to its pliable characteristics
-    Place two sides against the wall and two sides on the floor for a spacious seating when playing with a sibling or a friend

Materials & Characteristics:
- Handmade Floor Mat
- Dimensions 120*120 cm, after folding 60*60cm
- Fabric exterior: Super soft velvet feel | the interior: polyurethane foam
- Practical & Comfortable for all child’s age

Please allow 1 week for delivery.