Pandemic Linings

It’s been a challenge navigating through the current crises. Plural “crises”, because this is as much a socio-economic crisis as it is a health crisis. But, somehow, we made it out of March alive and, not just ok, but pretty good! It took some mental strength to exercise gratitude amidst all of this, but once I focused, that silver lining became a little less blurry. Our online community is stronger than ever, with all of you connecting through kids’ activities, learning together through articles, and always supporting one another through our workshops. Our e-shop is expanding, and new arrivals continue to come in. Our DMs are filled with parents looking for resources, and professionals who are looking to offer their expertise; my privilege to connect you. We’re not just floating but we’re swimming, and we’re swimming as hard as we possibly can. This is a labor of love, and love, as you know, conquers all! So this is just a little thank you: to those of you who turned to Cookie Dough to help you through your pregnancy, to brighten up your day with a delivery, and those who have liked a picture, shared a post or left a comment. All of it, every single one of you, help us swim stronger and farther.
Community.. that’s what it’s all about. ♥️
Thank you for letting us join you in your parenting journey, even when it gets rough. Like global-pandemic-rough!
Always, Your Parenting Partners ♡

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