Onwards & Upwards

Feels like an entire world away: this time last year, July 2019, Tiny Cotton’s Marais showroom. Rushing from one fair to the next, catching trains and planes and taxis, chasing opportunities from one city to the next, never once reaching for sanitizer or thinking twice about that casual hug or a classic triple cheek kiss a la Libanaise ... an entire world away.
Buying for SS21 is entirely different. Totally virtual. Surreal, to say the least. But, there’s one thing that hasn’t been lost: the passion. The drive that keeps you going, the magic of it all is still there. And never have we ever felt so connected to our designers and brands. We are far away, but all in it together. And that is a very beautiful thing. A little thank you is due to all our suppliers and industry friends who have been more than just patient, but also shown immense compassion and understanding for our current situation in Lebanon. Only direction we’re headed towards is onwards and upwards. Holding on to the magic of it all and looking forward to everything that’s coming our way.
So, we may not be sipping French Press between meetings, or slurping gelatos between fairs, but we’re definitely just excited as ever and can’t wait to bring you new, exciting, and fun collections from all your favorite brands.

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