London Calling

London Calling

Happy Labor Day ?

Our London Pop Up has come to an end and I have learned so incredibly much from this fantastic experience. Firstly, I have to thank the Lebanese community in London and our amazing Lebanese clients (family now) back home; they are the warmest, most supportive people! Every day we had Lebanese coming in through that door in Kings Road just to say “we are here and we are proud” and every day we had people come in who were referred to us by the amazing clients in Beirut. Thank you for lifting me up, I wish I could tag every single one of you!

I also learned that kindness knows no language and no culture. I went into this project all nerves- I was coming to a country I know well, but have very limited contacts. I was, by all means, an outsider. I wish I knew sooner that I had nothing to worry about! I met the kindest people with the most amazing energies. South Africans and Kenyans, Germans and French, Italians and Spaniards, Qataris and Iraqis, Brits and Irish, Japanese and Korean- the entire world represented on a little road in London Town and all of them knew Kindness. Now that is beautiful!

I learned that if you really want something done you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and work through sweat and tears. I learned to value my amazing team back in Beirut even more. 5 days without you here and I feel like I need to get prosthetic legs!! Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

I learned the power of a mothers love. My beautiful mother didn’t leave my side for a single second through this Pop Up. Even in her heels and beautiful coiffed hair, she was ready to fold clothes and sweep floors and do whatever it took to help me do my best. Without her I am nothing!

I learned that ultimately you must LOVE what you do and I am blessed to have a passion that drives me. London, THANK YOU!

Beirut, I can’t wait to come home!

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