Here’s To You!

Here’s To You!

My journey to motherhood wasn’t bright and happy. It was trying, dark and unexpected, but it led me to the most incredible kind of love I have ever known. I had an unplanned pregnancy and a premature birth. I vowed that I wouldn’t sugar coat it.

I promised myself that I would use this platform to share my experience; raw and real. The up days and the down days and everything in between. And I appreciate other mothers who share their struggles and their accomplishments, embracing each step with strength and courage. By sharing your story you empower others that may face similar challenges, so that in a lonely hour they will feel like they have some stars shining light on the path ahead; many of you were those stars for me. And don’t underestimate the power of that smile; it can get you through the darkest days and bring you out the other side stronger. Days you didn’t even see coming, will suddenly pass and you’ll look back and think, how did I even make it?!

So here is to the women who are brave enough to share their stories: the women who have tried everything but haven’t received that little bundle they’ve been waiting for, the women who have made the choice not to have any bundles at all and have to fight off judgement, the women who’ve received their bundles a little too early, the ones who have received them unexpectedly, the ones who have waited for days and weeks and months only to lose them before meeting them, the women who have raised them and then lost them too early, the women who have mothered through the late hours of the night and into the earliest hours of the morning, watching as their hearts walk outside their bodies, and the women who left us too soon. Here’s to the women who have the world’s hardest job: here’s to you, Mothers. Happy Mother’s Day ♥️ Shine bright ⭐️

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