Mom Squad

Throwing it back to our very first play date! I don’t think I would have had half as much fun with motherhood if it wasn’t for this loony bunch. Listen up new mamas: “don’t compromise who you are when you become a mom”. I read this in an article and had no clue what it meant, until I became a mother. It’s so easy to get lost in all the hype; EBF and BLW, FTMs and CIO, and on and on, when everyone just needs to really CTFD 😉 So it’s easy to get dragged into the whole thing and end up in the midst of a group of women who you can’t relate to outside of the mama world; who you can’t ever imagine being friends with if it weren’t for the monsters you created. Those are the kinds of friendships that will drag you down and make you forget who you were before this LO stepped into the picture ☺️ – so take a step back and find a group of women who speak to you. The you before all of this. A group of women who will applaud every single one of your achievements, even if it’s only making it through bed time without ruining your nails. And make sure they can really make you laugh. Because you are going to need those laughs! And throw those acronyms out the door. Like I always say: do what feels right, do your best, and know that your best is absolutely good enough! Have a beautiful day mamas!

To girl squads raising boy squads ✨ *clink* ✨

Hey Mo!

On November 3rd at 5am my water broke at 27 weeks of pregnancy. With a combination of medical excellence, patient care and incredible amounts of love and support my husband and I held on tight. On Saturday November 11, we celebrated 29 weeks. Baby gave me as much as he could and at 9pm he was ready to start labor. It was long and lots of hard work, but my birth was incredible. It erased all the pain before it. Thanks to the medical excellence, personal involvement and care of my incredible Gynecologist, I have a beautiful birth story that I’m so eager to share every time I see my friends. On Sunday, November 12, at 1:14pm our baby Mohsen was born at 29 weeks plus 1 day. Today I face the greatest challenge of my life; to go home and leave Baby Mo behind at the NICU.
I write this as it is my therapy to gather my thoughts as I start a new chapter. I write here, because throughout my journey I have had shining stars that have shared their own experiences with me and in turn helped shed some light on what felt like a long and dark tunnel. By sharing our stories, we assert that it is ok to have moments of weakness, it is ok for our plans to detour and it is ok to need a moment to breathe. It is ok.
The NICU is a difficult place to be. There are so many challenges my tiny baby faces, and there is very little that I can do. But there are also highs. Access to the region’s best neonatology care. A doctor I love and trust. The first time I was allowed Skin to Skin. The first time pumping worked. The first time I saw Mo’s eyes open. Every time I hear his cry. Small little things to hold on to. These little things keep me positive and strong. It’s going to be a long wait, but it will be worth it. I’ve created a nice schedule that will help me stay sane over the next few weeks. And then, inshallah, he will be ready to come out and meet you all! From what I know so far, Baby Mo is going to be a handful, so I hope you’re all ready for our boutique to get a little noisier and a little rowdier when he comes home ☺️
My little, tiny fighter. As fierce as he is small ?
Yesterday one of my dearest friends said to me “let go and let God”. Today I will let go, and I will let God. ?

An Interesting Take on Bullying

I shared this post on Facebook and I thought I should also post it to the blog, as the topic of bullying is such a pressing issue with so many parents I meet.

What a fantastic and fresh perspective on the fight against bullying. If we can make this advice developmentally appropriate for our children at each age, imagine how much less bullying we would see on school playgrounds.

Teach your children the power of communication and emotional intelligence, and you empower them for life!

What do you think?!

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