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Moonie Bunny Sleep Aid - Silver

Moonie Bunny Sleep Aid - Silver

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Moonie "The Humming Friend" is a beautiful, soft cuddly plush bunny that helps babies to sleep.

Moonie the humming friend, helps babies and toddlers to:

  • Fall asleep gently
  • Fall asleep for longer
  • Develop a proper sleeping routine earlier
  • Calm down faster
  • Overcome colic

Moonie has five natural calming sounds recorded in the natural environment - Womb, WInd, Forest Stream, Sea Waves and Rain. According to pediatric research pink and white noise helps babies to fall asleep faster, sleep longer, cry less, calm more quickly and build a proper sleep routine.

Moonie is also a delicate night lamp with five different modes of calming light and seven different colour effects, making the product attractive to toddlers. The gentle glow of the light soothes babies and builds a sense of security, helping to overcome the fear of the dark and dispel bedtime fears. The light mode can be customised to suit the individual amd can also be switched off completely if required.

Designed with care the Moonie has a smart cry detector that activates the sound when babies start to cry and can be safely attached to a baby's bed. It can be used from the very first day and has all of the certificates required for children 0+.

It has a safe volume Level and automatically turns off after 30 minutes. the sound module remembers favourite settings, is easy to use and is single button operated. Granules in each moonie hand stimulate the baby's sense of touch.

Moonie is functional, usb rechargeable and the sound module can be removed making the product completely washable.



Gentle sounds soothe your baby from birth, and the night light belly can help in baby’s night care without the need for an extra light. Moonie converts to a night lamp when the need for the humming noise ends. The colourful, glowing belly is great fun for toddlers to play with, and Moonie is ideal for hugging and will be a best friend for years to come.


  • MOONIE Rabbit Plush Toy,
  • Rechargeable white/pink noise machine with the night light lamp,
  • USB Charging Cable,
  • Instructions in English
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