Montessori Math Board

Montessori Math Board

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It is a math game that will help your child learn counting, addition and subtraction while visualizing the numbers.

This Toy is from the "Learn By Playing" Collection, a collection that will focus on teaching your child the concepts of Numbers, Letters, colors & Shapes through fun and play. Educational Benefits: Numeracy and mathematics prepare your child for daily life skills such as problem solving, information analysis and decision making.

There are 3 ways to play with your child:
1- Teach how to count, using one box place a card with a number and let your child put the right number of balls in the respective one (Counting).
2- Prepare the cards using + or - and = and let your child fill in each box the correct number of balls (Addition & Subtraction).
3- Reverse the game by filling the boxes with balls and let your child find the right cards that matches the number of balls (Addition & Subtraction).

Board is made of Natural Pine Wood. In addition to 38 wooden balls. 

It comes with a fabric white bag to be able to repack once finished.

Cards available: Numbering set from 1 till 20 and 3 cards displaying +, -, = signs. You can compliment your game by ordering more cards and balls.

Dimensions L30cm*W12cm. 

Please allow 1 week for delivery.